Resolution for fixed deposit Loan

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Resolution in writing of the Members of the Car Insurance Management co. Ltd Condominium Plan No. XXX adopted by circulation on 30th October,  2013

                                                                          LKR 2,000,000.00
                                                                          Current Account No: 30XXXX22553XXX5

We the undersigned being the Council Members Of the council of Car Insurance Management co. Ltd, Condominium Plan No: XXXX (hereinafter referred as the ”Management Corporation”


That the Management Co. Ltd obtains an overdraft facility of Rupees Two Million (Rs. 2,000,000.00) only from Peoples bank, XXXX Plaza, against the following fixed deposit certificate for Rupees two Million two hundred and seventy one thousand five cents seventy eight ( Rs. 2,271,005/78 ) of Liberty Plaza.

Certificate No
Rs. Cts




That any Directors of the Company be and are hereby authorize to sign any document in connection with obtaining the above facility

NAMES OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS                                    SIGNATURE

Mr. XXXX Jathilaka                                                     ……………………………..

Mr. D. Herath                                                              ……………………………..

Thank you Letter for sponsor

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20th November 2013

Capt. Janaka XXXXX
(Managing Director)
XXXX Security Services
No: 52/58
XXXX Plaza

I sincerely appreciate your kind response On behalf of the XXXXX XXXX Management Corporation and would like to thank the generous sponsor of Rs. 20,000.00 (Cheque No:122532 Sampath Bank Ja-ela) for our Annual Trip on 24th November 2013.

Thank you all again for your thoughtfulness, generosity, and Continued support to the Liberty Plaza Management Corporation

Thank you

Most Sincerely

_ _ _ _ Kumara
XXXXX XXXX Management Corporation

Refferance Letter

19th November 2013

Director General of Customs
Srilanka Customs
No : 40, Main Street
Colombo 01

Dear Sir

Reference Letter On The Janitorial Service Rendered By XXXX Environmental (Pvt) Ltd

I confirm that the above mentioned company provided us janitorial service for 10 years and 3 Months from 01st August 2013,(01/08/2003) and our overall satisfaction on the janitorial service provided by them is as follows

Level of Satisfaction
Tick appropriate cage please
Very good  -(Over 90% satisfaction on the janitorial service provided)
Good          -(Between 75 – 89%)

Average     -(Between 50-74%)

Poor           -(Below 50%)

My contact No is 011-2576605

Signature                                                                  K _ _ S Gurusingha
                                                                                Car Insurance Management Corporation
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Advance Payment Confermation letter by contractors

Saturday, November 9, 2013

08th November 2013

The Finance Manager
M & E XXXXX Engineering Pvt. Ltd
122, Holl Street,
Colombo 02

Dear Sir

Confirmation of advance payment as at 31.12.2013

Our Auditors, GDFP (Charted Accountants), are performing an audit of our financial statements. According to our books, we have paid a sum of Rs. 7,653,545.13 to M & E XXXXX Engineering Pvt. Ltd as advances on Fire Detection System

For audit purposes, it is necessary that you confirm the payments as correct or otherwise, for this purpose, please advise them in the space provided below whether we have paid you the above advance payments.

Your prompt response to this request will be appreciated

Very truly yours

K K N S Kulasekara

Our records indicate that an Advance payments of LKR  …………………………………… Was received by us from Car Insurance Management Co. Ltd as of 31st March 2013

By ____________________________


     (Date & Signature)

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